What Our Staff Love About Equity!

Seasonal Staff

What do you most enjoy about your job role? 

“Every day is a different challenge and not repetitive at all.”
Henry Hague, Rep/Ski Technician

“Customer service roles that allow me to talk to lots of people every day.”
Harry Erwin, ClubHotel Staff


“Socialising with customers, talking to people, serving drinks and I love making cocktails. We even made a new one called the Rois-Magetini!”
– Jessica McEvoy, Head ClubHotel Staff

Do you have any advice for future Seasonnaires? 
“Just do it. Expect hard work but you'll have fun and you'll definitely remember it.”
Henry Hague, Rep/Ski Technician

“Don't be scared. It sounds daunting going away for almost half a year away from your family and friends at home, but you meet new friends and family – making such good relationships and bonds with everyone.” 
– Jessica McEvoy, Head ClubHotel Staff

Did you miss Christmas? 
“On Christmas day, yes. But there was such a good atmosphere that you don't miss it that much. We all have Christmas dinner together and we even did secret Santa.”
– Jessica McEvoy, Head ClubHotel Staff


What do you most enjoy about the Equity experience?
“Meeting everyone, meeting the guests and staff and seeing a range of different people.”
Gabriella Humphreys, ClubHotel Staff

“Getting to ski nearly every day is really fun and getting to do something different every day.”
Katie Nolan, ClubHotel Staff

“Watching everyone gain all of the experience from the different job roles and seeing people wanting to progress throughout the company. ”
Josie Butler, Hotel Manager

“Overall, obviously the skiing and learning to snowboard, I picked it up really well. We've got staff accommodation down the road, we get to socialise with all of our workmates and become like a family, it's really really nice. The first few weeks are the best weeks because you get to meet all of these new people and that for me made me think I am really going to enjoy this.” 
– Jessica McEvoy, Head ClubHotel Staff

Do you have any advice for future Seasonnaires? 
Corbier Team“Bring lots of socks, as many as you think you need, just double it!”
Katie Nolan, ClubHotel Staff

How did you find the assessment day? 
“I thought it was really good, interactive and relaxed.”
Katie Nolan, ClubHotel Staff

Brighton Head Office

Ruaridh Wightman

“Having worked for Equity for a few years, I wouldn’t change the time I’ve spent here for anything. It’s taken me all over the world in the name of work; from living and skiing in the French Alps, to visiting San Francisco; learning the streets of Barcelona to showing groups around New York City and many more places besides. If travel is your thing, why wouldn’t you work for a travel company. It’s a young team with a positive culture and good work/life balance which is a pleasant contrast to the clichéd stereotype of the London rat race. Brighton is a great place to live for anyone and everyone, no matter who you are. In essence, an interesting job and career right by the sea and with genuinely great perks make this a company I am very proud to work for.”
Ruaridh Wightman, Sales Team Manager


Brighton Lifestyle

“I support the marketing department by designing and delivering marketing campaigns, landing pages and banners. I also provide support with digital development projects and web maintenance across the company’s portfolio of websites. I love how varied and creative my role is and delivering effective campaigns that return results makes the job even better! My team make it enjoyable and have made me feel incredibly welcome in my first month here. Equity has a great atmosphere within the office and remote, there is a great team spirit, individuality and innovation is welcome and being surrounded by friendly and fun faces everyday makes it even more worthwhile. Equity invest time in developing our new and existing skills which gives us the opportunity to constantly improve within our work/life. It’s always a plus when you work in the sunny centre of Brighton and have the parks and seafront on your doorstep, which means breaks and after work beers are even more enjoyable!”
Kara Clark, Digital Designer


Shayne & Steph

“I work on the Rocketski part of the business selling and coordinating adult ski sales, individual skiers, couples, family and adult group skiers. I love working for Equity because I have had the most amazing opportunity to learn to ski. As a South African born Zulu who saw snow for the first time in real life in 1995, it was a tough thing for me to do as I couldn’t cope well in below freezing temperatures. I am very glad I discovered skiing as I love it. I have worked for Equity since 2002. Equity have been brilliant and understanding when I took on and off breaks between 2009 – 2013 when I left to pursue my dream to travel the world and come back to Equity. Since becoming a mum in 2012 I have now managed to secure a term time only contract making school drop off and pick up much easier and at the same time I can carry on with my career. I have had the privilege to travel to so many ski resorts with the company via inspection visits. Over the years I have seen a few ski resorts, such as Prato Nevoso in Italy, to Saalbach in Austria and I have seen every single Club Hotel within our ski programme in Serre Chevalier, Claviere, Montgenevre, Risoul and Le Corbier. Two of the biggest highlights of the year are the summer party where the whole company goes to Preston park, and play games. This gives all staff members a chance to bond and know the other employees within the company and the other can only be the company Christmas party, it’s fun and another great way to bond with your colleagues plus I learn a new dance moves from people. Working in Brighton is just icing on the cake.”
Shayne Luthuli, Sales Executive (Ski)


Equity Summer BBQ

“People genuinely caring about, and having a passion for creating great experiences for our customers. The fact that everyone is happy to help each other solve problems – there’s a great collaborative spirit at Equity where everyone is in it together”
Naomi Da Costa, Head of HR


“I’ve been working for Equity in a variety of roles both overseas and here in the head office for 10 years now. Throughout that time for me the people and culture in both environments has been the stand-out factor that makes Equity what it is. We work as one with very little friction between teams. It makes for a great atmosphere to work in with open communication at all levels.”
Joe Booth, Head of Operations